Welcome to LONDRA Business Solutions!

It has surely happened to you, your company or brand that you were looking for a solution for an expectable task or an unexpected situation needed to be instantly  solved; a solution to be provided by a 3rd party enterprise due to lack of time, capacity, tools, resources or an expert team with proper experience at your company; a solution giving you a reassuring and comforting feeling that your partner works like an experienced good old fellow colleague, taking care of your needs and expectations, understanding your problem, fulfilling all delegated tasks and giving you further proposals and recommendations.

LONDRA Business Solutions is seeking answers for questions like this, either working together with you, or independently for you.

We are a small, flexible, experienced and effective agency. Among our Clients are multinational companies with well-known local or global brands, small and mid-size domestic companies as well as micro-enterprises. At LONDRA, all of them could/can find what they need, because our commitment, attention and devotion are independent from the size of a Client’s budget.

Our departments – depending on the assignment – work together with  or independently from Clients to provide what they really need:

  • reliable, high quality services
  • executable (or sometimes almost unrealistic) deadlines
  • reasonable prices.

Just challenge us! Believe it, our solutions can be the answers to your questions.